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Visual SCSI Explorer for Windows

Visual SCSI Explorer application runs on Windows operating system platforms and is intended for advanced SCSI device testing. Application visualizes the host SCSI controller and device configuration as controller-device tree and properties. It is possible to rescan SCSI buses and to dynamically update the SCSI device list. Application functional interface is optimized for Disk, Tape Drive, Processor, Multi-Media, and Media Changer devices. Raw CDB feature allows user to execute any SCSI command for SCSI device of any type. Application visualizes the process of SCSI command execution, logs the command parameters, the outbound and inbound command data and parses them. Application automates routine SCSI device test tasks by using service procedures and JScript and VBScript scripting languages. Service procedures implement the predefined sequence of SCSI commands for the simple testing tasks. The scripting helps to automate the execution of arbitrary SCSI command sequence for the complex testing tasks. Test procedures offer the highest level of test process automation. Application can run multiple service procedures, scripts, and test procedures for different devices at the same time. Interactive tools for storage device management: hex-to-decimal converter, binary data editor, disk block editor, and changer management.

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