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Andrews Plugins Pixel hazy for Photoshop & PSP (PC Only) V8

www.graphicxtras.com -- Andrews Plugins Pixel hazy Adobe Photoshop & PSP PC Filters V8 Andrew' Plug-ins volume 8 PixelHazy includes six powerful plug-ins for use in Paint Shop Pro (R) Photo and Photoshop (R) + Painter and others, PC only Plug-ins include blur / grain plug-in + gradient color effect packed with many different gradient effects + color grain plug-in + smear and embossing effect plug-in + misty plug-ins Each plug-in comes with many options to create truly wow color effects in seconds. The plug-ins are for RGB images but can be used with CMYK and LAB and other color modes. Plug-ins come with many different output modes such as invert, color wrap, tiles, mirror effects, posterization, edge effects and more Plug-ins also come with effects modes where the effect is turned into unique blurs, smears, distortions and paint effects and more Plug-ins also can be used on layers and come with many transparency settings to allow for alpha channel manipulation for use with layer effects in Photoshop (R) and others. Plug-ins also come with many randomization and color features to create truly stunning image effects. The plug-ins / filters can be combined in many ways; used with layers and blending modes; used on a single channel; effects can also be saved via presets. Plug-in set is a new plug-in set from the creator of the Andrew's Filters series of plug-ins To purchase the plug-in set, please select the add to cart button (cookies are required to use the cart) or quick buy. After purchase, you will be sent the download link to the plug-in set Plug-in set also contains PDF documentation explaining the plug-in functionality as well as hints and tips. Corel and Paint Shop Pro and Painter are registered trademarks or trademarks of the Corel Corporation. See all our video tutorials on the subject via http://www.youtube.com/graphicxtras Home page is http://www.graphicxtras.com

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