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DBF Commander Professional (Single User License)

DBF Commander Professional Today there are a lot of DBF editors. During developing the application our team paramount purpose were to create something new, filled with unique features. But at the same time, the application needs to supply the most common DBF file operations and a convenient user interface. As a result of the work we are glad to offer for you the DBF Commander Professional - the most powerful, flexible, comfortable, and professional tool for DBF file work up! Besides of common operations with DBF files, such as: Easy and handy create, view, edit, export, print DBF (Visual FoxPro- and dBase-type) files DBF file structure view, change, export, and print Converting DBF files to Windows <-> DOS char sets with supporting all of the codepages Find/Replace in DBF file (Case sensitive and Partial compare options) Many useful edit DBF file operations: delete/recall record(s), pack table, copy record, duplicate record, and etc. The most advanced filtering records Multiple fields sorting: any field(s) in any order (ascending, descending) Advanced field statistics: SUM, MIN, MAX, AVERAGE, DISTINCT by any field(s) Code page flag forced setting/removing DBF files with MEMO fields support and etc., DBF Commander Professional has several unique features: SQL queries executing Converting DBF files to ANSI <-> UTF-8 encoding Import/export data from/to a DBMS (MS SQL, Postgre, Oracle, MySQL, Firebird, Interbase, and etc.) Encrypt and decrypt DBF files with AES-256 (Rijndael) algorithm BLOB fields full support (view/edit BLOB data) Export to SQL file - script DBF file as CREATE TABLE and INSERT INTO clauses of SQL Wizard of building a chart (graph, bar, pie, area, point, and etc. styles) Command line support Multiple (MDI) document interface Fastest print preview report generation.

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