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Horse brushes PNG for Photoshop & Elements & PSP & Others V181

www.graphicxtras.com -- Horse brushes PNG files Photoshop & Elements & PSP & GIMP & Wordpress V181 100 Horse brushes PNG files for Photoshop and Photoshop elements and psp and wordpress and more, commercial use. Many different horse designs, hi-quality, mixed sizes. PNG format. More information via http://www.graphicxtras.com or please e-mail us on [email protected] use the horse brushes to create items for sale etc. PNG format + action files to load (if required). The horse brushes / images are easy to load and apply and create millions of amazing unique designs for all your projects. If you have any questions about the wonderful horse designs from graphicxtras, please contact us on [email protected] You can also find many different video tutorials and information about the Photoshop brushes and psp brushes on the graphicxtras site. On buying the horses brushes, you receive the download link to all the horses for use throughout Photoshop and other applications. The horse set also includes documentation about the installation of the horse brushes and use with the brush tools as well as a gallery and a serial number for any updates of the horse brushes.

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