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Squared patterns for Photoshop & Elements & PaintShop Pro V1

www.graphicxtras.com -- Squared patterns for Adobe Photoshop & Elements & PaintShop Pro PNG X6 5 4 3 2 1 Seamless tiles V1 Colorful square / rectangular abstract patterns for PaintShop Pro and Photoshop 168 Unique colorful pattern designs. Patterns set includes many stunning abstract squared designs for use in packaging, backgrounds, as brush stroke textures, as frames and much more. Hi-rez designs for use in many different applications. Use as fills or patterns or displacements in Photoshop (R), use in Paint Shop Pro (R) as well as Xara and Ulead PhotoImpact (TM) and Painter. The designs are all royalty-free and can be used in many different projects, commercial or otherwise. The patterns are all stored in standard PNG format files and can be easily convert to use in many different applications as well as plug-ins and 3D applications and DTP applications. Download only To purchase, click add to cart or buy now - e-mail means digital download Any questions, e-mail [email protected] - commercial use, digital downloads, royalty-free MENU: http://www.graphicxtras.com/squares.htm

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