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Add-on Package for Wall St. Raider (Win version)

This 'Add-on Package' for owners of the Wall Street Raider game software consists of two parts -- an electronic book (strategy manual), provided to you in HTML file format, plus the 'Customizer' utility program: 'Wall Street Raider -- The Book' is the title of the sometimes humorous but yet very detailed strategy and reference manual for Wall Street, which is fully updated for the current version of W$R. This electronic book will guide you through the uses and advantages or disadvantages of all the features of Wall Street Raider, as well as suggesting general strategies and tactics you may wish to try when playing the sophisticated WSR financial simulation. (The book is about 325 pages long if printed out from the HTML file that is provided. We provide the book to you as an HTML file for easy printing, reading or browsing with your web browser.) The 'Customizer Utility' program is a program that works with Wall Street Raider, and allows you to customize the companies in the simulation for your country or region, or as you like. HARDWARE/SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS. The only other requirement, besides having the W$R software, is that you have Internet Explorer, since the strategy manual consists of HTML (hypertext) files and image files that are to be viewed with your web browser software, opened with one click from the main screen of W$R. Note: This add-on package (cost is $15.00 U.S.) is for use with the Wall Street Raider software. Both the 'Customizer Utility' and the 'book' are launched directly from the W$R 'Options' menu, when installed with W$R. Don't order this Add-on Package unless you already have the registered version of the W$R software program! (Or plan to order it separately.) If you already have a registered (Windows) version of W$R, e-mail us at [email protected] when you order this Add-On Package and we will send you a free upgrade to the most current version of the W$R software. To instead order the Wall Street Raider software 'Full Package' that includes the Wall Street Raider software AND all the Add-on Package items ($29.95, click here. If you are ordering the manual to use with a version of Wall Street Raider older than the current version, and you prefer to have the older manual that goes with your (older) version of the software, email us at [email protected] and tell us which version of W$R you are running, and we will send you the appropriate prior edition of the manual once you have ordered this one.

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