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Repetier-Server Upgrade (OEM to Pro)

Upgrade Repetier-Server OEM to Repetier-Server Pro to get all features. You can use your Repetier-Server Pro license for 5 simultaneous installations to outsource compute-intensive work. Repetier-Server is the comfortable solution for position independent controlling of your 3D printers. Features & Benefits: Full Flexibility - Access your 3D printers from anywhere. Maximum Compatibility - Works on all recent browsers on computers, smartphones and tablets. Webcam Integrated - Watch your print anytime. Timelapse Videos – Create amazing timelapse videos to control your printer and to share. Security through User Authentication - Give each user only the necessities rights, for example print only or allow configuration. Small Memory Requirement - Prints files of any size with new file management. Prints prefetch only the next 5,000 lines. G-Code preview only loads single layers. Price Calculation - You get the production costs before printing. We even split usage by extruder. Push Messages - Get free push messages with status reports via Repetier-Informer on your smartphone or tablet. Preview Images - Fully configurable high quality rendered images for all models and g-codes for easy recognition. Model Repository – Manage all your 3d models (stl, obj, 3mf & rmf files) clearly arranged in projects, where you get high quality rendered previw images and a smooth 3d view. In addition, you can specify additional data such as licenses, descriptions, instructions and comments and upload files such as images, videos, pdf, html or txt files. Multi Printer Support - Connects and prints on multiple printers simultaneously. Heatup and Cooldown Wizard - This feature measures heating and cooling speed needed for accurate printing time prediction. Autoupdating - Just confirm the update and the server does the rest. Firmware Upload – Upload your new printer firmware via Repetier-Server – updating was never easier. Touchscreen Optimization - Optimized interface for printer mounted touchscreens.

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