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IMAGE-XLS - Bilder automatisiert in Excel einfГјgen - insert pictures into Excel automatically (Enterprise)

With Image-XLS an unlimited number of pictures can be inserted with a single click in an Excel spreadsheet. Using different paste options the scaling of the images can be set when inserting. Images can be inserted directly into the respective worksheet from local drives, network drives and URLs (web server). IMAGE-XLS is ideal for creating illustrated article overviews of any kind, such as price lists, technical descriptions, etc .... Furthermore, the images can be alternatively added as comments to the respective cell (e.g. item number) so that when passing the mouse over the item number to view the picture. As an additional feature, it is possible to embed PDF documents as objects in a cell. The free demo version is fully usable, but not more than five images are added. The location license allows to use IMAGE-XLS on unlimited number of Computers in one location from unlimited numbers of users.

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