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HTML Guardian Professional Edition

ProtWare's HTML Guardian в„ў Encrypt HTML, Javascript, ASP, VBScript, CSS, PHP code. Protect images & links. HTML Guardian is a complete website protection solution. It can encrypt & hide your html, shtml, javascript, vbscript, asp, php and css source code and make impossible stealing and reusing it in other websites. The Image Guardian add-on is especially designed to protect the images used in your website, using the most advanced web image protection technology available today. HTML Guardian will protect your links, images, java applets and flash animations from stealing and leeching, and keep spam email spiders and site rippers away from your website. It will also protect your website from being blocked by web content filters, which can increase the number of visitors by several times! There are many additional protection options available - you can disable right click, text selection and copying, printing of encrypted pages, showing link targets in the status bar and offline usage of the encrypted files, also to add referrer check and password protection to them. You may lock your files to a given domain, etc. etc. It is also possible only to optimize and compress source code. HTML Guardian includes many advanced tools for automation of encryption tasks, supports regular expressions -based filtering and code modifications, performs a security audit of the encrypted files, offers a full command line support .... and much more. Today, HTML Guardian is world-wide adopted as a web site protection standard. Visit http://www.protware.com for more information.

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