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Real PDF Solutions (1-Server License + 10-Client License Pack)

A solution that works on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and you don't need to deploy your PDF printers manually. This solution requires you to buy Client Licenses for all your clients in addition to purchasing one license for each server. PDF Print Server features include centralized control; Deploy PDF printers automatically to all or selected clients; Generate deployment script on the fly; Dynamically synchronize PDF settings from server to clients; Print time management; Printer sharing automation on client side; Easy scripting integration; Print Statistics; PDF Print Server Diagnostics; Performance Tuning; Workload Balancing; Print Job Optimization; Multi-threading and hyper-threading; Multi-level Cache for Print Job and Print Ticket; Smart Print Scheduler; Network Deployment and Optimization. PDF Print Driver features include 128-bit RC4 encryption with password and access control; TrueType, OpenType, Type1, CID-Type1, Multiple Masters Type1, OpenType/CFF, pure CFF, CEF Windows FNT/FON, X11 PCF font embedding into PDF files; CIE color space and ICC profile integrated with PDF files; Export PDF to JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF image formats; Restore Microsoft Word document from PDF file; Convert PDF into web pages; Create CMYK PDF; Restrict viewing, printing, editing, or copying of documents to only individuals with the correct master password; Compress PDF to the extreme; Remove hidden sensitive data that would have possibly embedded into PDF; CIE, RGB, sRGB, CMYK Color Space support; Render with ICC profile and specify rendering intent during conversion; text, image, compound with PDF transparency; live URLs; fast Web view; PDF Merge; PDF overlay; PDF stationary; create PDF layers; Append PDF generation result to existing PDF file; add page number to PDF document; Add watermark; Add attachment; define custom paper size; choose orientation, resolution up to 4800 dpi; Scan to PDF; Compliant to the Adobe PDF Specification; full-text searchable; totally vector-based output.

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