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OctoPass Corporate License

OctoPASS: Distributed Password Recovery OctoPass is a new powerful password recovery system made for recovering forgotten or lost passwords using distributed computing. The current version supports brute force attack only. Password Recovery is extremely resource-consuming task. If a password protection is well done, brute force attack may be the only recovery method available. If the password is long enough, it may take a lot of time to break it. By using the power of multiple computers, you can reduce the recovery time. OctoPASS first of all, targets security professionals and forensic examinators. Naturally, utilizing OctoPASS makes sense only when several computers are available. The more computers you have, the higher search speed and better results you obtain. OctoPass Key Features Scalable architecture optimized for the best performance. OctoPassв„ў supports remote web-based management. Highly optimized recovery engines that support all major algorithms. OctoPASS Agents (worker) interacts with OctoPASS Server through the common HTTP protocol. OctoPASS Agents and OctoPASS Server could be installed in different LAN segments or even interact through a global WAN. Lightweight installation size, ease deployment. Special hardware support. We offer special versions for IBM Cell processor (available in Sony PlayStation 3) and GPU Password Recovery Engine for NVIDIA video cards

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