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Frame Custom shapes for Photoshop & Elements (CSH) V5

www.graphicxtras.com -- Frame Custom Shapes for Adobe Photoshop & Elements CSH V5 Custom shapes vector designs / content for Adobe (R) Photoshop (R) + Photoshop Elements 100 Frame / edge / border designs, mixed frame designs for use in Photoshop (R) CC 2017 2015 2014 CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 and Photoshop Elements All 100 frames are royalty-free, and can be used in many different projects, commercial or otherwise, all designs created by Andrew Buckle / graphicxtras.com Set includes basic frames, extreme frames, diamond frames, crackled frames, wavy frames, dot frames, rough frames, edgy frames, curly frames and many more different shapes frames Frames shapes are cross platform, CSH files, use on OS X and PC Use for cards, scrapbooking, fashion designs, edge effects, layer effects, gel frames, brush stamps, rubber stamps and much more Shapes are all vector shapes and can be used in layers, paths, selections, fill designs and more, easy to install, and easy to use Download only To purchase, click add to cart or buy now - e-mail means digital download Any questions, e-mail [email protected] - commercial use, digital downloads, royalty-free MENU: Any questions about the custom shapes?? Other custom shapes can be found on http://www.graphicxtras.com More info on http://www.graphicxtras.com

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